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    (Raw Optimum and Rejuvenating).

    R.O.A.R is a vitality company that offers the tastiest collection of nature’s full flavoured treats that rejuvenate your system.

  • R.O.A.R Deliveries

    Do You Want Food Delivered Direct To You?


    We want to ensure that you have access to vibrant and nutritious meals.


    We know that things can get hectic, busy working, we want to help you. Do not let time get in the way of you adopting a more healthy lifestyle.


    All our meals are made to order. We specialise in RAW Vegan food 100% fresh and plant-based. There is no need to warm it up or microwave it


    Meals come in a plastic container (200ml size)


    Our meals can safely last up to 1 day in the fridge (temp in the range of 3-5 degrees)


    Make a Note

    All meals are delivered by our R.O.A.R courier.

    We only deliver Mondays and Thursdays


    Meals must be made the day (24 hours) before delivery


    You will be notified via text/email on the day of delivery with a 1-hour time slot on when your delivery will be made. From this you have the options to select whether to leave in a safe place/leave with a neighbour/delivered to local pick up point should the delivery time not suit. Delivery is only for orders of £20 and above.




    R.O.A.R DELIVERY LINE 0750 6341 218​

  • Hello

    My name is Roary, I am the world's only Vegan Lion. I am the younger cousin of Simba from Disney's Lion King. Do you remember the scene where Simba stopped eating meat and began to dine on leaves and bugs instead? Well, when Simba told me that story it influenced and changed my life. I do not eat bugs...but my diet is 100% plant-based.


    I am passionate about cooking plant-based meals and empowering people to have a more healthy lifestyle. I have many celebrity clients, I host dinner parties and I am currently working on my own book.

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    Please let the ROAR Chef know what meal you would like

    To make an order please call/text The R.O.A.R DELIVERY LINE 0750 6341 218
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    Perfect for paste sauces
    * Dips
    * Pizza sauce
    * Seasoning
    * A great replacement for Tomato Sauce, the kids will love it

    Nut, Diary, Wheat, Gluten FREE
    100% RAW
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  • The V Spot Closed!!!!! Back in The SPRING of 2019

    Brent's First Community Cafe

    Every Monday 12noon - 6pm

    Our community vegan kitchen will introduce members of the community to the concept of basic health, dimensions of wellness and we will provide practical strategies for developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


    Community members will explore overall wellness, goal setting, time and stress management, general nutrition, emotional health, and various ways of being.

  • 2 Vegan Chefs Wanted

    Are you passionate about preparing plant-based meals? Do you LOVE empowering people? Do you want to learn, inspire and get paid at the same time? If you are interested please send us your CV.

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